The trade category is flooded with before and after transformations, Pinterest-inspired finishes and a ‘you can do it’ attitude to motivate DIYers and homeowners to pick up a hammer or paintbrush.

Meanwhile, the democratization of the category – propelled by pure-play retailers – the underrepresentation of professionals’ work & efforts on-site and the vacant/inexperienced/unspecialized dedicated support for the Trade make for an incomplete perception & catered value proposition for the £300+ billion sector.


In a climate where price has never been more important, availability (supply-chain interruptions from global events) & convenience (time-sensitivity) are essential to winning over the target market.

Pure-players in the category are moving in on a large portion of our market & a competitive media landscape seeing (traditionally) DIY retailers surge in popularity causing a noticeable halo effect for our professional target audience.

We needed a fresh and impactful way to directly speak to, and serve, the pro tradespeople, while still letting the DIYers listen in.


Elevate tradespeople to a level of excellence only Screwfix could support them at

Business Objective
Defend our position as best placed for ‘need it now’ purchases, but contend with e-commerce & pure-play retailers in the market (digital sales)

Marketing Objective
– Penetration: Awareness/adoption of digital propositions
– Preference: No.1 for brand perception in the category

Communications Objective
– Capture the attention of the market by elevating our target audience akin to athletic excellence, distancing ourselves from novices/DIY
– Position Screwfix as the preferred choice & touchpoint for professional tradespeople for any & all job needs


The trade category is riddled with clichès affecting the perception of the profession and disrespecting those who make it.

All too often, they are met with disdain as being lazy, vulgar, and even ‘stupid’.
And often portrayed in the category as smiling stock models in unscuffed overalls and a clipboard in hand.

Tradesmen and women rise first and hang up their boots last, as they work tirelessly through all conditions during the day and take care of their business admin & orders at night.

Working on fine margins, deadlines, remote locations, and supply chain effects, their pride comes from the creativity & problem solving to build & deliver a job well done.

Strategic Platform

Champion of makers and doers

Creative Territory

Celebrate the UK’s tradespeople’s dedication & commitment in ways of athletic excellence

Campaign Idea

The Choice of Champions


We want the UK to reappraise the value of our tradesmen and women.

To celebrate them like never before, we Launched a multiplatform campaign spanning TV, out-of-home (OOH), display and social to better connect with its core trade audience.

‘The Choice of Champions’ has been developed to surface tradespeople who rely on the retailer to deliver their best work.

Debuting the new brand identity, we targeted major upcoming sport and entertainment events including the Guinness Six Nations, the Emirates FA Cup and Gogglebox.

A small-screen push was backed by large OOH displays targeting plumbers, electricians and decorators with messages such as “No drain, no gain” and “Rise, rewire, rest, repeat.”

The specialist retailer is also courting the next generation of tradespeople with activations on Twitch and YouTube to build awareness of the brand & inspire the future makers and doers.

A through-the-line approach included a revised value-comms framework and ensuring a consistent ‘champions’ tone-of-voice was still evident through every branded touchpoint.

Client: Screwfix
Agency: Chime360
Executive Creative Director: Jim Thornton
Planning Director: Charlie Gavshon-Kirkbride

Creative Director: Kieran Knight / Veryan Prigg
Account Director: Claire Fleet
Senior Strategist: Mick Valentine
Account Manager: Eli Morales / Lara Tarabey