Sanlam offers a range of financial planning & insurance products for all kinds of South Africans – whatever the size of the investment, big or small, Sanlam values your wellbeing & considers it all the same.

Dedicated teams work closely with individuals, families and their advisers, providing them with innovative products and services. They pride ourselves on helping people get to where they want to be in life by making the most of their wealth.


  • 1st for Customer Satisfaction - Loyalty Programme in the Insurance Sector (SAcsi)
  • 1st for Value for Money - Loyalty Programme in the Insurance Sector (SAcsi)


Everyday people have little interest in financial & insurance institutions.

All too often, they tend to be more of a challenger than an ally, and apart from key occasions in the year when time to review policies or make what many believe a grudge purchase, they are happily dismissed from our day-to-day lives.

Leading to little loyalty from customers, creating a price-driven and fragile market.


Cultivate new customers and garner regular engagement among existing customers by offering value-added propositions & modernising the CRM and direct marketing model currently employed.

Consider where our audience are and how they behave, taking the appropriate transormational steps in the digital world, and display how Sanlam supports their brand promise: Taking care of your money is rewarding.

Commercial Objective
1. Customer retention
2. Customer growth

Marketing Objective
Optimise available data points and direct marketing channels to increase brand & product engagement

Communications Objective
1. Dispell the myth that financial wellbeing only caters to large investments and grudge decisions
2. Sanlam rewards you for taking care of your health & financial wellbeing, however & whenever you can


Social media’s emerging categories, and correlation & popularity around health and lifestyle posts started influencing masses and daily behavioural corrections.

People’s curated social feeds were curating their interests and reevulated their lifestyle & wellbeing, being more health-conscious, experience-hungry, financially-savvy and balance-aware.



A relaunched and refreshed rewards platform was to be rolled out to invigorate the brand to show how the brand values by:
– saving time on lifestyle events and money on their lifestyle purchases
– maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
– achieving financial fitness & remaining informed on a number of topics (like personal finance and what’s happening in the Sanlam world)


Objectives & Operations

“South African consumers are more informed and empowered through online channels, with many more loyalty programmes options available today than ever,” said SAcsi founder, professor Adré Schreuder.

With retailers to cafes all jumping onto the loyalty programme bandwagon, we needed to define our success with aspirational yet attainable goals in mind – we were to be the best insurance sector loyalty and rewards programme in the country. No small feat considering the established competitors we were up against.

Reality would be designed to build frequent engagement through Sanlam’s partners (retail discounts, fitness & gym memberships, financial planning and budgeting tools, events and entertainment offers) and develop lasting relationships with its customer’s, and turning them into advocates.

By linking through to the website offers & tracking their activity, we were able to build robust profiles of our audience and constantly optimise our brand experience throughout the beta phase to make things as seamless as possible & win people’s loyalty.

Sanlam Reality start


The success of the project would factor on the scalability of the product, factoring in detailed operation model, finalisation of processes, personas and user journeys, site map and web architecture to be extented or rebuilt in a modular fashion which wouldn’t disrupt any of the original intentions/thinking.



Delivering the product upon the WordPress platform, we could produce content streams from multiple sources in their respective departments – focusing on benefits, wealth sense and lifestyle articles.

It allowed for an agile build, as respective workstreams and rewards came onboard and established partnerships were made over the project timeline.



Customer Satisfaction
Value for Money
YoY Market Growth

Client: Sanlam Reality
Agency: Publicis Machine
Creative Director: Gareth McPherson
Project Lead: Johan Steyn / Andrew La Grange

UX & Strategy: Mick Valentine / Andrew La Grange
Developer: Mick Valentine / Dustin Silk / Bevan Christians
Product Design: Alicia Nicola
Copywriter: Neil Meyer
Editorial: Shelly Traveso