Rexona-Sure is the proud sponsor of football teams and competitions around the world. Connecting through football from the English Premier League all the way to South America’s Copa Libertadores.

However, while it connected its global sponsorship through football, it was finding difficulty connecting with football, and scale its appeal onto everyday/casual footballers

Previously, the brand had explored scientific demonstrations and World Cup Final penalty moments to convey its message, although still seemed confusing or unrelatable.


Whilst EU and LATAM markets regularly took to using Rexona-Sure for their antiperspirant needs, many didn’t recognize or understand the practical relationship it has with football.


Connect Rexona/Sure with regular, amateur football-lovers in the UK and South American markets.

Commercial Objective
Establishing the mission-driven core values of movement through fitness, sports & exercise

Marketing Objective
– Grow brand awareness and deepen football associations
– Amplify the local team/competition sponsorships

Communications Objective
Portray the brand beyond the football pitch, and into football culture


Rexona/Sure had begun to trap itself in the high-intensity, glory moments of global superstars on the biggest (and surrealist) of stages.

While Hazard stepping up to the penalty spot in the dying seconds of a final is heart-stopping for any fan, having to connect that moment of one of the best-known/well-paid players in the game at the glory-defining scenario to spraying £1.50 antiperspirant on in the locker room is a little bizarre & delusional.

It’s a common trope and a delicate rope to walk on when conveying the appropriate message – at a time where football is being scrutinized for ‘styles played’, ‘brand of football’ and ‘VAR-penalty decisions ruining the game’, millions of fans take to parks and tune in on the couch not just for the win-and-lose result, but for the playfulness, magic & suspense over the whole 90 minutes.

The interplay, the touch, the cheekiness, the rivalries, the late kick-offs, the skillful moves, the failed attempts…

Recently, the wider sports market had also begun to break this elitist mentality/moment and commoditize their brands through a common (but varying styled) narrative of:
regular individuals extraordinarily possessing or vicariously adopting their icon’s abilities (Nike – The Switch & Winner Stays On; BT Sport – Take Them All On & Being Dele)


Strategic Platform

We play at different abilities but equal intensities

Creative Territory

Football is a story of moves

Campaign Idea

Movement is everything


Focusing on the casual football player, but avid lover of the game, we followed the journey & movement in and around these friendly, local-park games.

UK/Global [English]


Capturing the spontaneity and eagerness getting to the game, meeting with friends, the passion of team-mates & coaches, trickery and intensity that can either come or… or not come off made for a more casual, but relatable identity.

By associating with the type of football the average fan associates ‘movement’ with – blending local flare with sponsored giants in a vignette style that strung together a full 90 minutes (or whatever game length) we opened up a direct relation to the ‘everyday movement’ and football playfulness is not just encouraged, but also protected by football fans’ favourite antiperspirant, we not only reinforced our global sponsorships around the game but also began differentiating & galvanising our core values from other sporting goods/sponsors tone, direction & association with the game.



Client: Unilever – Rexona-Sure-Shield
Agency: CSM
Strategy: Mick Valentine

Account Manager: Andy Gill
Head of Production: Chris Chaundler
Creative: Ben Hopkins & Morten Legarth

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