Red Bull Summer Edition, the tropical-tasting & latest flavour to the family of energy drinks, had reached South Africa’s sunny shores, and we needed a way to shout about it to get it into the right people’s hands and energized for the summer!


Permeate millennial subcultures in a natural and cost-effective way.

Commercial Objective
Expand the Red Bull consumer base by expanding the range to include different flavours

Marketing Objective
Launch Red Bull Summer Edition to our key target audiences and early adopters in a way that drives trial and repeat purchases at scale

Communications Objective
Red Bull has a tropical-flavoured drink to keep your “good-summmer-times” going

Social Objective
Permeate different millennial subcultures’ social feeds with Red Bull Summer – targeting outdoor moments, summer activities & gatherings of friends


Reach squashes relevance

South Africa’s diversity and eclectic mix of taste & culture makes targeting one part of the challenge, but ensuring there’s a consistent device and message across all groups (and still resonant and relevant) is imperative in achieving the mass awareness required for FMCG products to take off successfully.

Typical broadcast channels aren’t as reliable for Red Bull’s South African target audience:
Namely, because they aren’t:
– at home often to watch TV
– listening to much radio as they prefer their own music selection & don’t own cars (where most radio is consumed)
– watching YouTube on their mobile devices as data is extemely expensive/network connection is minited

Leaving social to be our primary channel to reach our audience, unite and excite them all with the same branded message.


While our competitors were closing the market share on Red Bull by having the headstart with flavour variations experimentation & driving value with XL cans, they were still shouting to everyone, but listening to no-one. The “tone deaf” communications of peronsal gain, substance-enhancing, ‘extreme-ness” wouldn’t resonate with key influencers and individuals in the market we had identified, revealing a creative opportunity for our small budget to work in our favour.

By approaching these people directly, and working more as a collaborator or enabler, we earned the balanced trust of themselves and their followers.

However, we recognised that local (micro) influencers were producing better engagement rates and faster adoption in South Africa’s subcultures than hunting down the big fish who’d secure us the reach – but at what cost?

The ratio of likes and comments to followers peaks when an account has around 1,000 followers. Get more than 100,000 followers, and engagement starts to flatten out; users just aren’t as keen to interact with a celebrity as with someone they can relate to more closely.

By Red Bull wanting to operate in closer quarters – build an emotional engagement on a “friendship-level’ as opposed to a brand or celebrity-level, Red Bull parked the big-name talent we’d usually approach, and sourced smaller names who were influencing their communities at greater influence.


Strategic Platform

Red Bull brings friends together summer

Creative Territory

Summer’s energy comes from being together

Campaign Idea

Red Bull #WingsOfSummer


To introduce the new Red Bull Summer Edition to South Africa, we created a campaign that embodied everything we love about summer – giving more excuses to hang out with your friends, and make memories.

The tropical flavours of the new drink were brought to life with an illustrated pattern that was a colourful deviation from the usual Red Bull look.

This pattern lived across a variety of mediums and visually matched the exciting new tropical flavour.


Blogger Drop

To get the ball rolling, we targeted local bloggers and influencer accounts with followers in the tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands.

These individuals could work a particular niche that could speak to our demographic, represent the brand’s values and submerged in a particular, South African subculture who could authentically vocalise our nation’s summer-loving good time in connection to Red Bull.

We assembled a tidy Red Bull Summer package drop to be delivered to their doors to enjoy the revitalising, fruity taste and share with their thousands of readers and followers across their different social channels.

package design

Website & Soundtrack

We decided to collaborate with the Red Bull Studios team to produce an exclusive #WingsOfSummer soundtrack, discoverable (and downloadable/streamable) through the Red Bull microsite and Soundcloud as a reward only when shared to one of their social networks, helping us spread the word, sounds and taste of summer.

The artists’ tracks featured on the album, were a mix of both established & up-and-coming musicians who had an appeal and presence to difference audiences in South Africa – sharing new music across groups, and helping us effectively broaden our message without being overtly branded.

red bull summer website

The Good Times

When partnered with the portable, “weather-friendly”, mobile phone speaker, we abled Red Bull lovers to take the summer vibes along with them wherever they went – whether road-tripping in the car, a picnic with your friends or even day at our sandy beaches.

Just another excuse to enjoy your summer with friends.

red bull speaker


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Client: Red Bull
Agency: Publicis Machine
Creative Director: Jake Bester

Design Lead: Jacque Smit
Designer/Illustrator: Cassandra Johnson
UX/Digital Strategist: Mick Valentine