Red Bull Summer Edition, the tropical-tasting & latest flavour to the family of energy drinks, had reached South Africa’s sunny shores, and we needed a way to shout about it to get it into the right people’s hands and energized for the summer!

The launch needed to provide a solid foundation for the Summer Edition to become a regular part of the Red Bull family, and sit upon the corner shop shelves and supermarket fridges all year round.



Challenge 1: Taste is a barrier for the category, and taste is a barrier for Red Bull

Category competitors offer many variations and flavours allowing them to expand their consumer base, but at what expense to the parent brand & core values?

Red Bull relies heavily on its brand tenets, yet with the category set to continue growing as energy drinks make way into the office, home, gaming and evening’s festivities, peoples tastes vary – and people have choices.

Challenge 2: South Africa is very diverse with many segmented subcultures

There are many different cultures, interests and tribes that make South Africa thrive. Reaching all of them within their own playground is one thing, but we need to achieve scale to reach the  critical mass required for the new Red Bull flavour to become adopted & enjoyed by the many.

We needed to find an ownable space where we can offer attainable value for multiple subcultures, people to make contact & share with their own tribes.


Get Red Bull Summer Edition into the hands of young South Africans in a way that builds an emotional connection & writes headlines.

Commercial Objective
Expand the Red Bull consumer base by expanding the range to include different flavours

Marketing Objective
Launch Red Bull Summer Edition to our key target audiences and early adopters in a way that drives trial and repeat purchases at scale

Communications Objective
Red Bull has a tropical-flavoured drink for all your summer activities

Social Objective
Create awareness & desire by infultrating millennial social feeds during Summer-fun moments


Summer is the time we shed our skins and take to nature & the outside world to enjoy the world’s good energy. We head to the beaches, the mountains, the parks, the sports fields, the bars and the festivals. All these factors combined with the summer sun shining down on us makes for a recipe of perfect memories – days we never want to end, and playgrounds we never want to leave.

However, as we get closer to nature the more aware we are of the global repucussions of our human footprint on the world.

Drinks packaging is deemed a concern regardless of whether it’s recyclable by two thirds of soft drinks users – Mintel, Global Food & Drinks Report

Environmental responsibility is shifting from expected to demanded, with younger demographics being the major force in changing the manufacturing industry & the circular economy. This collective consciousness has seen noticable impact on global food & drinks trends & consumption, with energy & sugary drinks needing to take the appropriate action to remain friendly with our target audience.

88% of consumers want brands to help them live sustainably – OnePulse Survey

Red Bull is built on the philosophy of revitalising body & mind – which includes our environment and how we celebrate our connection with nature. Red Bull has the responsibility to lead the charge of sustainable energy consumption and demonstrate our product benefits of unbridled energy in a way that rings true to this modern mindset.


Strategic Platform

Red Bull makes the most of your summer

Creative Territory

Summer ends when you do

Campaign Idea

Red Bull Summer Recharge


The South African festival circuit kicks off at the start of spring, welcoming the fun, sun & good vibes with festivals of different sizes being held every weekend right through the summer.

These festivals attract people from all kinds of places, subcultures & tastes, coming together to enjoy the DJs, bands & friends from dawn till dusk… and right through to the new dawn again. Creating moments they’ll talk about online for months, and hopefully memories they’ll cherish forever.

Red Bull, having a toe in most of these festivals already, needed capitalise on this as a way to seed the new Summer Edition can with a wide selection of our audience’s subgroups in one location/at single events.

However, we needed to identify a key festival to initially allow us to announce Red Bull Summer Edition in a big way.

This festival had to include the following criteria:

  1. Occurred at the start of summer
  2. Was large/established enough to have far reaching appeal & able to host what we quantified as our “required critial mass” (20,000+)
  3. Majority of attendees are 18 – 34 & a 50-50 male-female split
  4. A diverse & established selection of artists and entertainment
  5. Aligned with our revitalised & sustainable energy philosophy

Rocking the Daisies: Official Wrap Film

Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Daisies Music and Lifestyle Festival is the biggest camping outdoor festival in SA. With the motto “Play hard, tread lightly”, the event spearheads green thinking in the country’s festival space.

The festival offers comedy, art, film, and a wide selection of music to entertain their guests. Featuring South Africa’s most diverse line – up of local & international talent over 3 days.

Their continual focus on environmental issues & betterment (bio-diesel generators, wind energy, 100% biodegradable food stall supplies, solar power, discount tickets for those who walk or cycle to the festival, and the world’s first festival to use can cups to elimate plastic) stood out as to not only a partner who’d aligned with our direction, but also had the experience know-how on ground-level to deliver a premium experience.


The Red Bull Summer Sun

Combining PaveGen technology to tactical points in the festival, including major walk ramps & the Red Bull dance tents, we are able to harvest the foot-stomping bundles of energy flocking between stages & put all this energy into an experience which keeps our consumers engaged.

To ensure we retained new kinetic energy to harness, we needed to keep people charged & vitalised, and what better way than to use this energy to generate a digital, visual experience to resemble the sun? ☀️

The power accumulated from the dancing party-goers can not only be put into direct use to enhance their musical event, but can also retain a charge for up to 3 days (the length of the average festival).

Meaning we could power art installations, offer mobile charging points & deliver an unparalleled, branded visual experience to accompany the Red Bull DJ’s performing at their best.

PaveGen Logic

pavegen logic
red bull pavgen

Real-time Community Content

Between DJ sets & prepared artworks, real-time content was curated from festival-goers through the #RedBullSummerRecharge hashtag, adding to the collage & mash-up visuals being projected across the Red Bull Sun & other festival artworks –enticing people to share their red Bull experience as much as possible.

So whilst enjoying your favourite song with your friends at the Red Bull stage, you could be met by a Red Bull promoter and hand you a free Red Bull Summer, your foot-tapping supplying power to the whole festival with your happy, green energy and you happen to catch your latest Instagram pic pop up behind the DJ, take on a real-time evolution with shapes and effects and projected over the festival fields.

Live Broadcast

Periscope, the new platform in the social media landscape, introduced live broadcasting within mainstream youth-culture.

Fixed GoPros around the festival grounds & simultaneously broacast over Periscope allowed for global audiences to tune into the fun at any time, natively switch between the action or stages & ensured Red Bull was the first to share key moments of the festival.

Footage was then selected & cut for shoter Facebook, Instagram & Twitter highlights for the event.


Red Bull Recharge & Share Stations

Limited phone battery, network reception & general sobriety limit festival-goers to social sharing after the festival once home & rested.

But we didn’t want the hyper-stylised and selective posts which comes with this limited behaviour. We wanted pics of lake-side chilling, stage-side “whoo-girls” and drunken-slurring midnight tangents. These were the memories we wanted to capture – the summer we want to associate with Red Bull Summer Edition.

The Red Bull Summer Recharge & Share Stations were located aorund the festival, offering in-need festees the chance to charge their phones with green, kinetic energy, connect to the Summer WiFi & enjoy a Red Bull drink while taking to their social media.

Added elements through the RFID tags located in the festival wristbands allowed us to share how many steps individulas had taken, the ground covered & energy emitted AND contributed while at our Recharge Stations – helping us enforce our clean energy messaging & product benefits.



This was a pasison project & proactive work done by Mick Valentine for Red Bull.

Unfortunatley, it did not reach them.

Should Red Bull or any other brand be interested in the idea, please do reach out to me.

Watts of Energy
Days of Clean Energy
Total Audience Reached

Client: Red Bull
Strategy & Creative Direction: Mick Valentine