Driving a Porsche means driving at its spectacular best.

Known for being the pinnacle of sports car engineering, and a legendary legacy of speed and stylish comfort, Porsche believe these remain at the highest of priorities when driving towards our future.

However, the company is to also look for sustainable mobility, and consider trends for digitisation and urbanisation. Because in the future, Porsche will need tackle these routes too – in pole position – bringing new technologies from the race track to the road.

With Concept Study Mission E, Porsche take their next step towards the future. With an all-electric sports car that defines their vision of e-mobility. It shows that all-electric drive systems can truly meet the standards of intelligent performance.

Tomorrow does not yet exist but our dreams do. So we get to work today, like always. Because “tomorrow“ will be what we make it. And if we can create the future in our heads, it will meet us halfway.


The Porsche Concept Mission E reimagines the future & presents plenty of opportunities to question and rethink previous forms.

The same can be said of the Porsche driver. They are mature, sophisticated, transformative and have a taste for the finer luxuries life has afforded them.

Therefore, we’d need to rethink how to appeal to this individual, and reassure them that the Porsche remains at the high performance machine it has always maintained, but also improved by adapting to the modern living and lifestyle of these Porsche drivers.

With this concept car Porsche are exploring the limits. How do we maintain that future-gazing & pioneering spirit into our communication to effectively reach next generation of Porsche drivers?


Produce a showroom experience which extends the futuristic reimagination of the Porsche Mission E without being a distraction from the car, but glorifying it.

We are to attract propecting Porsche drivers in the area, as well as build fame and awareness around Porsche’s e-mobility engineering amoung the general public.

Commercial Objective
Generate leads (test-drives) amoung the exisitng luxery-end sports vehicle owners and establish ourselves in the EV-conscious market by offering the sportiest vehicle in the segment

Marketing Objective
Achieve value-generating growth for the Porsche brand. Boldly make space in the market by showing how Porsche are shaping the future of the sportscar through sustainable investments in innovative technologies

Communications Objective
Offer judicious car lovers a welcoming invitation, which embodies the futuristic & EV-conscious progression of Porsche, to learn more about the Porsche Mission E ahead of commercial production

Social Objective
Encourage consumers to spread the word of Porsche’s flagship EV release, both online and in person, by offering a unique incentive when in/around the showroom space


Porsche’s legacy is a mythical creature. Growing up in the 80/90’s, boys would pictures of the 911 and 944 on their bedroom walls, while James Dean paved the way of fashionably free and cool before for all men, young and old.

But that soon became too narrow of an audience for Porsche to personify as they recognised the need to venture away from this positioning to appeal to difference genders and audience segments, while still maintaining the luxurious lust and premium perception. This resulting in new additions and purpose-values to the Porsche fleet.

Today, the marketplace is conscious of their carbon emmissions and necessity to factor in their personal footprint as a complete picture – their homes, diets, fashion and including their car. A changing marketplace which reflects the consumer’s identify and something Porsche recognises they need not just adapt, but be the leaders in driving the transformation.


Strategic Platform

The luxury car of the future is a symbol of the customer’s designer environment 

Creative Territory

Our car is an extention of our home’s, and home lifestyle, modern comforts which we can take with us

Campaign Idea

Porsche Life


Porsche Life is a relaxed and informal space where interactive elements allow guests to discover what makes a Porsche unique.

Experience the distinct aspects of the Porsche brand, spirit & legacy in a welcoming, home-style setting as this “showroom” modernises & naturalises its space as an extension of our asperational selves, including living room, kitchen, lounge area and home office.

Dedicated touches & contemporary motifs are designed to tribute the tomorrow and how Porsche transforms itself through the introduction of the Mission E & a share the horizon’s stylish, simple yet sophisticated, lifestyle we’re driving towards with Porsche-lovers across the country.


Living Room

One’s own living room includes several installation touchpoints to reflect their own identity we wished to wrap with Porsche’s.

3 key areas we explored were;
‘Wall Art’,
‘Centre Piece’ &
‘Entertaiment & Leisure’

Wall Art > Soundscapes

A user-generated art concept based on your personal music tastes, would produce a completely unique, Mission E-inspired digital wall piece for the guest to visually enjoy the real-time process of the artpiece being generated while in sync with an identified song of their taste (by analysing genre, BPM & emotion through Spotify’s API), all from the comfort of the couch and a directional speaker to not distract others around you.

Designed to mimic the electric-driven experience of the Mission E through winding roads, selecting a song could be done through the custom touch interface in the living room which also alowed for artistic manipulation.

Another method allowed the guest to place their mobile device in a holster which would detect the song playing using the Spotify API, before producing the Mission E user generated artwork.

The final artwork would then request the artist’s signature, which could be done using the tablet, and shared to their personal social media accounts or printing it out – finally leaving the porsche Life store with a personalised message, artwork and Mission E brochure to take home.

This demonstration proved the digital, electrical, human cohabitation & excellence Porsche, as a company, is striving towards.

porsche UI
porsche soundscapes sharing
porsche mission e cards

Centrepiece > Mission E AR Experience

How do we offer the public to test drive a concept car, from inside a mall?

A focal point of the pop-up shop is a large scale model of the Mission E, which would only launch by the end of the year.

An augmented reality app enables customers to virtually drive the vehicle, customise it and discover its components in X-ray vision. It features a virtual driving experience, colour preferences & different view modes which allow the user to digitally discover the brand’s first purely electric sports car in a welcoming & comfortable way which feels suitable to the dawn of the new decade.


Entertainment & Leisure > The Sound of Porsche

In previous years, Porsche had already been ahead of the field, producing an interactive and multi-sensory experience where visitors could experience the sound and brand stories of Porsche’s iconic landmark moments called, “The Sound of Porsche”.

By resurging this experience through the guise of a stylish & sophisticated music & vinyl booth, it made a welcome feature to the comfortable Porsche Life setting.

To create this multisensory sound experience Porsche recruited special guests, gathered precious archived footage & mounted 9 Go-Pro cameras on a Porsche 911 & additional sound recording devices.



After an initial test including 3 pop-up store locations around the UK, Porsche Life proved an attractive destibnation for mall passerbys to visit & emerge themselves in the progressive world Porsche continues to pioneer.

The success ensured it would continue to tour the country, neighbouring countries & even a Silverstone installation to penetrate the local regions, localise the brand in these communities through the haloed comms & earned media which surrounded the pop-up.

Unique Artworks Generated
Captured Leads
Virtual Test Drives
Scheduled Test Drives

Client: Porsche
Agency: Phantom + Google, Amp
Creative Director: Jamie Nicoll

Lead Strategist & UX: Mick Valentine
Technical Lead: Dustin Silk
Designer: Vita Vilcina
Project Manager: Milda Seiluit