In South Africa, of over 24,000 public schools, only a third have flushing toilets. Some schools comprising of over 1,000 children and no working toilets whatsoever – leaving learners exposed to a number of diseases.

A young child dies every two minutes from a disease linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation [World Health Organisation].

Sanitation in schools is vital to keeping kids healthy and ultimately to securing a country’s future. Healthy children can concentrate at school, gain an education and ultimately start to break the cycle of poverty.


Commercial Objective
Improve purchase frequency

Marketing Objective
Shift category perceptions by building a purpose for the brand

Communications Objective
Change the lives of our children through improved sanitation & hygiene


With a modest budget, a traditional advertising campaign showing the scientific formula killing CGI germs hiding beneath our toilet seats wouldn’t be enough to capture the attention of the country, nor would it be honourable to Unilever’s Sustainable Development Goal.

We needed to reappraise our marketing budget and commit to improving the country welfare with the belief an honest voice sharing our good message would be louder than the crowds fighting for our attention on our TVs.


Our country and future rest with today’s schools.

School opens doors to explore all life’s opportunities. Yet poorly kept or broken toilet facilities negatively impact our children’s health, self-esteem and confidence, causing absenteeism, learning struggles and later economic challenges.


Demonstrate that the seemingly small everyday human right of hygiene care can have a huge impact on society and improve children’s lives.

Domestos’ Cleaner Toilets Brighter Future campaign is a public promise to bring attention to and help the well-being and full potential of people by improving & supplying adequate toilet facilities to schools across the country.

PR helped drive the Domestos initiative, spreading awareness and encouraging others to take part in the growing conversation surrounding the issue.

Public addresses from local politicians, organisations and celebrity ambassadors, including Lloyd Cele came on board and visited the renovations all over South Africa to help give an honest insight into the improved classroom attendance & lives of the children.

This touching opportunity provoked change through their influence & helped spread the message further.


Domestos then used their social presence to amplify the message and goodwill overcoming the challenges our children face every day, encouraging the public to get involved, from toilet paper donations to nomination of local schools who also need attention.

Online ad 2014

The campaign required an online point of contact outside of the social channels, contributing articles from the World Health Organisation, Unilever spokespeople and Government representatives to improve search results surrounding South African hygiene and toilet care, and in turn, improve the current state of affairs.



The Cleaner Toilets Brighter Future campaign helped school children by renovating 20 school toilet facilities and counting as the initiative still continues to this day. Our efforts to restoring of a basic human right took immediate effect, noticing a 70% decrease in hygiene-related illnesses, providing healthy, better condition to 22000 school children (Nov 2014) and building a brighter future for South Africa.

Increase in school attendance
Decrease in hygiene-related illness
Happy children

Client: Domestos
Agency: Niche / Ogilvy & Mather
Creative Director: Cameron Krieger
Digital Lead: Rory Jacobs

Digital Strategy: Mick Valentine
Designer: Dylon Dreyer
Copywriter: Tyrone Audrey
Social Content: Mick Valentine
Developers: Mick Valentine / Dustin Silk