who the fuck is mick valentine?

Some long-haired, 70’s highway-fireworks salesman working as a Strategist in London.

I work in advertising – my muse and my misery. An itch never quite scratched, a tease keeping me tantalized.

I try to keep fit (to buy more time), collect & listen to music (to guide my time), travel the world (to enrich my time), listen to the riddles & rhymes of people (to share my time) and occasionally make gifs of my colleagues (to waste my time).

And sometimes I do other things.

In 2017, to understand more about me, I decided to document my thoughts, progress, work and memories. And create a place to keep ’em – somewhere I could take with me anywhere.

Hence this… my virtual brain vomit of an identity… a self-portrait of idiosyncrasies. It will hopefully (and very likely) often change.

My adland experience and practical know-how across most creative departments have allowed me the privilege to work in all types of categories, persuade all sorts of people, for all kinds of brands. Some of these where I’ve left a small mark on include Google, Red Bull, Martell Cognac, O2, Porsche and the usual basket of Unilever goods.

When I’m not dazzling others with deceptions, you can find me napping on couches around town, tumbling deep into psychedelic sound exploration and watching obscene amounts of football without a trace of shame.

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I’m testing my mind and my creativity for as long as the wick burns. And the fire of creativity burns longer and brighter if you feed her the right things. I travel when I can. One day I’ll make up for lost time by leaving the fire and following the wind.



My general mood tends to depend on the recent performance of Manchester Mother F#cking United. So best leave me be for a couple of hours if you’re to spot me on a Sunday evening…



I’m rather pathetic at it. And everyone seems like they’re a photographer nowadays (all of whom are probably better than I am) but I enjoy taking my camera with me wherever I go to capture moments and memories.



From Jimmy Page to Roky Erickson, I pretty much put most of my high school studies on the back burner while I underwent a vigorous investigation into the underbelly of 60’s/70’s rock ‘n roll and the culture that ensued.


Outside stuff

I was raised in Africa. Whether I’m shamelessly embarrassing myself on a surfboard, tearing up tracks in ice-karts, or dry-heaving my way up a hike, I love feeling connected to nature & challenging my wonky, pale pins alongside friends & family.



From hacking together online businesses in my teens to gamifying social apps, testing the unique RGB signature of different beers, and experimenting with automation & tinder bots – technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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