My name is
Mick Valentine Celliers

A 30-something-year-old raconteur.
Sucker for a tall tale but always short on time.

London-born, I escaped to South Africa to learn my trade, test my hand and shake my asthma.

After picking up a few scars, experiences and an accent, I returned in 2016 to tune myself to the tone and timbre of the UK ad industry.

An award-winning member of the internet, I’ve turned facebook purple, launched motorcycles three stories high, used your favourite beer as currency, decreased crime through good hygiene, shared bushidō values with rugby fanatics, and practised ‘ad-ception’ for the world’s biggest tech company.

Up for any challenge, I’ve tackled some beasts, tripped over trolls and fucked-up loads… but it’s always been a ride.

When not at my desk during the week, I’m found in dive-bars listening to bourbon-drunk bands, sitting square-eyed in front of the weekend’s football, spending my AM jogging around my block, my PM attempting to outwit Instagram’s AI, and occasionally penny-counting my way across the world to lounge on beaches, buzz through forests on bikes and listen to stories that don’t end with a CTA from people with a dog-faced filter to buy a hand cream I don’t need.

Proud creator of Twitter’s kak-talking South African bot, @BoetBot, blabber at VCCP, and undefeated go-karting champ since the famous & much-debated race of 2016.

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Ben & Jerry’s have 54 different ice cream flavours to choose from… 54

Everything from ‘Brownie Batter’ to ‘Netflix & Chill’ flavour

They have something for everybody

Yet, do you happen to know what is the most popular flavour of ice cream bought?


Something Magnum, who has twice the market share of B&J, understand

Sometimes having something for everybody, can mean you have nothing for anybody


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