Who the f&ck is
Mick Valentine Celliers

Some long-haired, 70’s highway-fireworks salesman
working as a Strategist in London.

An award-winning member of the internet, tuning myself to the tone and timbre of the UK ad industry.

I’ve had a wild ride in adland. Plus, my short attention span and practical know-how have allowed me to work on all sorts of brands and categories.

I’ve convinced people to do some crazy things, like turning Facebook purple, launching motorcycles into the sky, using beer as currency, and promoting good hygiene to decrease crime (because cleanliness is next to law enforcement, am I right?).

I even shared bushidō values with rugby fanatics and celebrated blue-collar workers as if they were all-star athletes. And let’s not forget my crowning achievement: creating Twitter’s kak-talking South African bot, @BoetBot.

When I’m not spinning deceptive truths at VCCP, you can find me snoozing on couches, getting lost in psychedelic music, cruising on busted-up motorcycles by the water, and watching football until my eyeballs bleed. Oh, and did I mention I’m the undefeated, but much-debated, go-karting champ since the famous race of 2016?

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