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2020 was a challenging year for all of us.

Not to add to the melancholy so early in the new year, but 2020 was certainly the most difficult year I’ve had to personally face in my lifetime.

I truly hope humankind and our mental kindness can soon overcome this collective and personal grief.

But there is another virus that has lived deep within the lungs of marketers for the past decade or so, and springs upon us seasonally to re/affect others once more.

Yes, I fear the online/efficiency vs offline/effectiveness marketing debate will be the virus that infects our inboxes & logical comprehension forever… but pray also ends soon 🦠

If lateral or rational thinking isn’t your bag, and it is a binary dilemma you’re infatuated with, display and paid search supposedly have more impact on brands’ sales and market value than previously suspected…

… but the difference is significantly meaningless (source)

You’re better off getting on with your jobs & allocating your marketing budget based on more solid criteria around your consumer, category & product.

In fact, I know you are.


Have a fantastic 2021, everyone,
I wish you all great health & happiness


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