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Tom Roach, Strategy Director & Partner at BBH London tweeted last week:

Yes, as the number of choices we face increases, the psychological benefits we derive start to level off… and the negatives become accelerated and even collectively applied.

These kinds of stories always remind me of something that struck quite hard with me about brand reputation & recognisability:

Tom Blackett visited South Africa during apartheid & noticed leading brands on shelves in Soweto. He asked why there weren’t cheaper alternatives for the poor.
The reply was: people have so little money that they can’t afford to risk buying a brand they did not know and trust.

I’m currently experiencing a similar issue with a brand I have used for more than 10 years.

Yet, the “wasted” time spent in the shopping aisles reading and testing new alternatives, and the chance or fear of it not doing an as good/better job simply doesn’t merit the extra effort…

It’s not the (type of) loyalty the brand desires. It’s certainly not what the brand marketers include in their fancy presentations. 
But if you can save me 2 minutes in the shopping aisles, then I’ll likely just stick with you.

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