Waze is the world’s largest community-based navigation app with over 70 million active users.

The Waze Ads team approached us to help warm up SMB prospects across multiple global markets and all verticals.



Not my usual forté, being trained and trailed in the digital world, we were tasked to produce a physical mailer.

We needed to reveal to small-to-medium business owners the value of advertising your business with Waze – so what it is and how it works, direct them to an online sign-up portal or customer call centre and remain innovative and playful to keep with the brand’s guidelines and personality.

The DM needed to reach several immediate markets, including France, USA, UK and Germany, and easily localisable thereafter for the next markets.


The Waze Ads website is the same across all countries and markets. Considering we were directing SMBs to the site to learn more and hopefully signup once receiving the DM, we looked to produce a creative and interactive brochure to not only stand out from the crowd, but to fit within the expected user experience, maintain visual consistency to gain familiarity (for what is largely a new product for most business owners) and be as impactful as possible in regards to the product offering by replicating the Waze Ads mechanic and functionality… but made exclusively from paper and glue.

waze envelope


Businesses received an (approx) A5 envelope through the post, whereby opening it you’d have to rip the Waze logo (a car icon-type thing) along a preferred road to your business on the back of the envelope – a subtle intrigue and instant suggestion of the Waze offering and setting ourselves instantly apart from the rest of the bland post shoved through the business’s mailbox.

Front Side

Presented with a pull tab at the base of the mailer, business owners were literally able to bring drivers to their business with Waze ads showing them the way there, educating potential marketers of the different ad types and illustrating the value of Waze in a unique and impressionable way.

The ads would “pop up” on the DM, just as they would via the app, using over a dozen folds and creases to the paper to make the mechanic just as we hoped it would.

Following the URL printed on the brochure, users would enjoy the same, consistent experience of displaying the ads formats and how it can drive customers to your business.


Reverse Side

The reverse side was simple, clear and informative including the “What, Where and How” information all business owners need to know to get started with confidence.

Waze DM


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Client: Waze
Agency: Phantom
Art Director: Valentine Mick
Copywriter: Valentine Mick
Strategist: Valentine Mick
Designer: Dave Skogstad
Project Manager: Milda Seiliute