Waze Local provides innovative and exciting ad solutions, bringing drivers directly to local businesses within the world’s largest community-based navigation app. A company that exists to move beyond the curve, when it came to informing and educating partner agencies about their advertising offerings, they needed a way to break through the saturated market place and get the attention of their partners.


Create an interesting DM for potential agency partners, that demonstrates the Waze Ads functionality, placements and benefit for businesses to reach drivers when on the go.

While agency people are eager to explore new possibilities for their clients, they are quick to the point or become quickly distracted. Their day is made up of turning dull reports and briefs into imaginative experiences, stories and media opportunities to become memorable for consumers.

So for us become a memorable option when agencies are putting their client’s mix together, we needed to be anything but dull, and visually showcase how the brand is innovating the status quo.

Demonstrate the Waze Ads benefits quickly, but creatively to stand apart from the rest of the clutter that passes through their in-trays.


For a brand and audience on the cusp of technology and digital interactions, DM’s are still very much interacted with as a traditional medium.


Waze is a digital pioneer, but the brand is very human and playful.

With an audience who’d recognise this, make a tongue-in-cheek poke at the medium, exaggerate the humour by referencing old subcultures and retro storylines that have inspired media and people in the industry to capture their attention.

Polarize this by demonstrating the app functionality and ad placements through an interactive technique that brings the DM to life and can push these agencies to lead collection points and easy direct response pages.

Global Web Index: People who work in Advertising OR Marking & PR OR Journalism & Publishing


We created Wanderers Out West – an interactive comic book set within Waze’s playful universe, designed to simultaneously inform and entertain.

Using beloved references and obscure interests we uncovered in our audience research such Spaghetti Westerns, 90’s console games, a twist of sci-fi and romance, we believed we’d capture the curiosity of all agency types.

With a mobile phone in hand, agencies are invited to follow along cowboy Sidney’s adventure as it plays out seamlessly across both printed and prompted interactive scenes within the panels that replicated the existing Waze UI and ad functionality for agencies to familiarise themselves with first-hand.

Through chance meetings, robot battles, and with the help of Waze’s localised ad offerings, Sidney emerges victorious.


Waze saw a significant increase in response rate and an uplift in new agency partners within just a week of the comic landing.

The success saw the comic be localised for other European markets in French and German.

Client: Waze
Agency: Phantom
Creative Director: Jamie Nicoll
Art Director: Valentine Mick

Copywriter: Valentine Mick
Strategist: Valentine Mick
Designer: Dave Skogstad & Rupi Sian
Project Manager: Milda Seiliute

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