Hi, I’m Valentine “Mick” Celliers

I’m a strategist, working in advertising. I try to travel the world (money & time permitting – lol), listen to music (everything is better with a sick soundtrack to get on), make gifs of my colleagues (’cause why not?) and lust after creative work and digital creations (that I wish I did).

In 2017 I decided that I should explore more ways to express myself – documenting my life, thoughts, work and ideas… Kinda like your 14 year-old-sister’s dream journal, but with less more doodles and hearts.

So, the first order of business for 2017 was to create this virtual brain vomit… a self-portrait of idiosyncrasies. It will hopefully (and very likely) change often.

My experience and hands-on know-how across most creative departments has allowed me the privilege to work on all types of markets, offering solutions and multi-national strategies for global brands including Google, Red Bull, Martell Cognac, Miller GD, O2, Porsche and Nike.

When I’m not practising online witchcraft & scrolling/stalking social feeds, you can find me napping on couches around town, tumbling deep into psychedelic sound exploration and watching obscene amounts of football without a trace of shame.

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More about me


Outside stuff

I was raised in Africa and something probably less common nowadays is that I attended scouts when a kid. Even though I’m wrapped in media, I’ve maintained that outdoors love affair.



I hate to admit it, but Fifa 2017 was the first year in some years that I didn’t crack Div 1. Every day is dark and gloomy knowing that. Luckily there’s always a new season and the certainty of EA pocketing another £100 of my money for me to try again.



I’ve been part of teams to have collected a few prestigious awards along the way. However, until there’s a Cannes Lions to speak of, none am I more proud than that of my bronze certificate for maths in grade 3.



From Jimmy Page to Roky Erickson, I pretty much put most of my high school studies on the back burner while I underwent a vigorous investigation into the underbelly of 60’s/70’s rocknroll.



I’m testing my mind and my creativity for as long as the wick burns. And the muse of creativity burns longer and brighter if you feed her the right things. I travel when I can. One day I’ll make up for lost time by retiring to an island getaway.



Many times have I flirted with the idea of renouncing my activity in any media consumption outside of YouTube. Seems to be imminent if it weren’t for giphy.

Selected Clients