What we’ve all have been waiting for finally happens today.

People all around me have placed their orders and/or have prepared their waiting in line strategies (a fair portion of these people intending on purchasing more than one, oddly enough). One of the people I work with ordered 4 I think… I don’t know why, but when I asked I got an equally bizarre answer. The same individual also purchased 3 return flights to Cambodia for no real reason either some weeks ago, so maybe I just watch and enjoy instead of questioning anything and allow people to spend their cash how they choose.

Anyway, if you haven’t guessed already, or living in my grandparent’s old people’s home thing in the South Coast of KZN, South Africa, today is the launch of Apple’s 10th-anniversary edition iPhone, the iPhone X. #sploosh


I did see one opened directly in front of me and it did cause a tightening in my jeans, but I have not ordered one of these £1k+ devices, as I simply can’t justify the price for an animated chicken emoji… Well, maybe I can — I’m sure I’d exclusively communicate that way forever were I so fortunate to get my greasy pores on one of Apple’s sleek deliveries later today.

The truth is I just can’t afford something like that without setting a foot in the black market and exiting with one less liver.

None-the-less, I am a fan of Apple and their products and am considering putting my iPhone 5s to rest and all the nudes I’ve accumulated on it for the past 4 years (some good, most not so) for the iPhone 7 — said to be the best iPhone ever created and “world’s most popular phone” etc.

tim cook

And coming off the very recent hype of the Google Pixel 2 (which retails for a fair amount less than it’s rival’s new flagship phone) and the genius/audacity of the Apple team to just rebrand the same 7 model as the new iPhone 8, I still feel an older iPhone model is better suited to my tastes…

Now, this and a tipsy discussion with my tech lead a week or 2 ago, led me to think why and how I could think this way? And I’m certainly not the only one, so even though we’re “fanboys”, there must be some juicier reasoning behind this?

My hypothesis being, iPhone users are just better people than Andriod users.

Or rather, iPhone users have a higher expectation than Android users, and can that be attributed to the hardware and OS of the respective devices they use daily? Surely the premium craft, build quality and the Barry White soundtrack you play in your head as you slide open the fine-edged casing of Apple’s products has some kinda impression on people, heightening their standard for personal devices and tolerating less bullshit?

Disclaimer: this isn’t a comprehensive review, but it’s a test to perhaps tickle your marbles…

I’ve curated a list of popular apps (102 to be exact) across a mixture of categories and audiences which feature on both platforms and listed their community ranking adjacently for each OS. Then by averaging the scores, I will have the results of those who have a higher expectation for performance/experience and everything else by seeing which user base is more critical…

Sounds legit? Right, these are the results:


Out of 5 stars
Apple: 4.12745098
Android: 4.245098039

View the spreadsheet

Thank God! Luckily I was right. At one stage, while wasting my afternoon punching numbers into a spreadsheet, I thought I was going to be wrong and would’ve had to either make up some reason, doctor the numbers or just write off the day completely. And even though it was close, I am happy with the results:

Apple users have a higher expectation for quality than Android users (and this can be partly attributed to the OS and hardware, itself), but not by so much it suggests they’re pompous Yelp reviewers sat too near the bathrooms or out-of-touch with reality hipsters like the world depicts, and rather that they’re just a little bit better as people in general.

All jokes aside, I do believe the Pixel has closed the gap on iPhone massively — partly due to the lack of innovation coming out of Apple’s HQ and Google’s own vision getting ever stronger. Just considering the fact I feel earlier iPhone models are fine for me as opposed to the years I “needed” the latest phone, surely doesn’t sit too well with the world’s most valuable company…

But I also believe Apple has and still produce superior products to competitors (on the other hand, maybe it’s just clever branding and marketing 🙂 ), and hoped this fun, little test illustrated my feelings to some (bullshit) degree.