Quick exercise to help you come unstuck with your strategic communication

I sometimes find myself with little resources to answer certain questions when I’m tasked with helping craft campaign and brand messaging. Even when you have the time and luxury to ask questions with clients or your team members, asking the right questions can sometimes be difficult.

I came across this nice exercise that I’ve adapted into my own method to help you or your team with developing your strategic communication and messaging.

You should be able to run through it in 20min tops and I hope it helps put you in the right direction.

The goal of marketing is to control perception and change behaviour

As plainly/short as you can, answer the following questions:

  1. What’s the product/company? (What is it?)
  2. Who’s the audience? (Who are you wanting to know about your product?)
  3. Wha is your goal/objective? (What are you trying to achieve?)

In one, neat sentence, say the following:

  1. The company pitch (what does the company/product do?)
  2. The problem pitch (what problem does the company/product solve?)
  3. The competitive pitch (how does the company/product differ from competitors?)
  4. Provide 1 -3 bullet points of values (why should customers buy into the company/product?)
  5. The vision? (why does the company/product do what they do?) – bit of a tricky one, sometimes.

If you perform this with your partner or team, I hope you notice some clear consistencies (some should be more obvious than effective breakthroughs), and as importantly, the inconsistencies in your answers.

Answering these questions and discuss each answer, whether consistent or not hopefully, presents you with a direction to target your communication – distilling/strengthening your brand perceptions, or correcting something that seems to be a hazy area that you hadn’t noticed before.

Hope this helps!