Labour looks lekker (good)

So the media makes it seem like things are going any which way they have an alliance to. I don’t believe surveys that ask invasive questioning or anything that may cause you to hesitate to answer with honesty because it has a stigma attached.

For example, I don’t for one second believe surveys and preliminary polling for voting occasions as the truth fo the matter.

I do however think there is something in search trends. People think what they type into Google’s little search box is private and a nonjudgemental means of one0-way communication, making me believe what people search is more honest, and can make better assumptions/predictions.

Interestingly enough, there is a correlation of Trump supporters with guns, disregard for the environment and racism according to search trends… so take from that what you want. But whatever, someone telling you they’re a racist in a survey would be rather surprising, so you have to get creative…

Anyway, trends always seem favourable in elections – US-Trump, Brexit & now for the General Election. Until you do comparative trend searches of those who ACTUALLY went to vote despite registration numbers (we aren’t at a place where we can digitally submit our votes from behind our monitors and between Netflix episodes just yet).

If trends mean anything though, Labour is looking strong at the moment – that’s without looking too much further into demographics & their media behaviour, a thorough sentiment analysis or cross-referencing numbers etc. (so don’t attack the simple methods – I know).
In other words, you can cut this cake how you wish, depending how you approach it. But for me, from my little skim through some searches, what people are speaking about most in build up to the event tends to be what most people expect to see at the end of it. I think the General Election will backfire on May and Labour will come out tops.
PS. go vote today or you’re a bellend.

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