Something less mentioned/featured for the Samsung S8 release was that it has BLUETOOTH 5.0!

Now, none of us probably know or care what version of Bluetooth we are connecting our devices to when we wish rock out with our blocks out, but know this, when a version becomes a whole new (x.0) number, it usually means something newer, better and probably buggier for a short time.

So what the fvck is Bluetooth 5.0 and why do I care?

There’s enormous range and data transfer speeds it’s been bumped by — allowing you to to play your preferred playlists at a little get together and still be able to duck to the bathroom for a dump without returning to the festivities and the notice your superior iPhone-DJing-ness has been replaced by Lily.

But there is more exciting applications that you can benefit from this upgrade; with data speeds and range increases we can look to reliable brand-experiences with this new tech, reopen all those dodgy bluetooth access/payment methods at sponsored events(which only seemed to work in case studies, and proved an absolute nightmare in reality) and an opportunity for shared networks by the tap of a button etc…

There’s also this company called SONOS (I’ll voice my honest opinion now in stating I think SONOS stuff is overpriced & idiotic), which is basically built on the idea you can have multiple, interconnected speakers.

To use this SONOS speaker-network, all your speakers need to be from SONOS (lame, but they‘re good enough quality at least) and you need to have their app to manage what’s going on (which when I first saw, I blew chunks all over my keyboard in disapproval), it doesn’t connect to everything you want it to, you need to sacrifice your plucked eyelashes to aliens, and its just a mission, and fuck it… it’s dumb.

Way-to-go SONOS, but now with Bluetooth 5.0, it allows users to connect to multiple devices, of any type or brand from your native bluetooth settings panel. That means companies like SONOS can’t dick us around anymore with their shitty solution to multi-speaker connectivity.

Not to mention too much of the increased interest in home devises like Google Home or Amazon’s Echo, but with the affordability, connectivity and the foreseeable abilities of these little guys, and the major player they’ll become in the media world because of who’s behind them, I don’t see the home audio system looking towards SONOS as much of a solution anymore?

I believe Samsung is the first to roll this 5.0 tech out, and a big pioneer behind the update — so a tip of the hat to them, all while Apple seem to become increasingly more disappointing in terms of innovation (may have to eat my words in the hype and anticipation of the iPhone 8).

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