My name is
Valentine Mick Celliers

On insurance forms and my agency’s website, I’m labelled as a Strategist. But I’m not sworn by any one title, as my career-history illustrates quite well. I like to think of myself as born into the age of digital mutants – poly-orientated, emoji-dialogue, Kardashian-following, adaptive hybrids who HAVE to be able to visually articulate what we think and feel. We HAVE to immerse ourselves in story-telling to be heard. We HAVE to justify our decision-making with social currency and vanity impressions. The industry/digital-world/internet-of-things doesn’t require unilateral thinkers since the chaotic, incoherent visual language of our audience changed. But yeah, in summary, I like to solve problems, so I’m a strategist :)

I love people. I love community. You may call me “creative”, but I think I’d call myself “curious”. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s coolest, craziest, boring-est and booziest companies in the world, such as Red Bull, Google, Samsung, Martell Cognac, Porsche & more.

But I’m frustrated. I have an itch. Constantly. I’m proud and honoured by the work I’ve achieved with my teams and clients, but I clash with the way we produce communications imposed on us by a media ecosystem currently in a branded-content, data-overload frenzy. I think we can get a lot more by doing a lot less. Be more human. Enhance real life, not just virtual escapes. And of course stay relevant – I think others may feel this way too?

I write stuff for my blog, make shitty videos on my GoPro and try to see as much of the world as I can – experiencing other cultures, ephemeral acquaintances and wallowing in oceans with an alcohol-infused tropical fruit has has put me in touch with people way more (personally and career wise) than any Medium article about “skeuomorphism” or “marketing mix models”. The world just tends to serendipitously reward answers for your questions when looking at people without a rainbow filter.

Proud owner of the domain, “lickable.me” (besides the presumed content-offering for namesake, any suggestions as to what I should do with it, please share), Content Strategist at Phantom and undefeated ice-karting champion since 2016.

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The one thing you learn over and over is that no one knows what they’re doing. The person opposite you doesn’t know what happens tomorrow or why the planets aligned for you to be together at that moment in time about whatever shit you’re talking about.

So trust yourself, and go for it.


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