My name is
Mick Valentine Celliers

I’m an 7-year adman and 27-year-old pirate.
I love people. I love the way people think. I love free-thinkers. I love how free ideas can take us to new places.

London-born, I escaped to South Africa to learn my trade and shake my asthma.

After picking up a few scars, friends, experiences and an accent I’m reminded of daily, I returned 3ish years ago to tune myself to the tone and timbre of the UK ad industry.

I’ve been told I’m an old soul, but find my best self amongst the young & childish – working to learn and learning as I work; whether it be Google solutions for entrepreneurs, Red Bull for the thrill-seeking, mobile clout for O2’s data-bingers or persuading pub-crawlers to prefer Miller pints, I’ve been presented with a host of challenges, explored a unique way in and delivered a simple or fun solution that’s captured people’s attention for (little) more than a moment.

When not at my desk during the week, I’m found in dive-bars listening to bourbon-drunk bands, sitting square-eyed in front of the weekend’s football, spending my PM attempting to outwit Instagram’s AI, or penny-counting my way across the world to lounge on beaches, buzz through forests on bikes and hear stories that don’t end with a CTA from people that don’t have a dog-faced filter on.

Proud creator of Twitter’s kak-talking South African bot, @BoetBot, blabber at VCCP, and undefeated go-karting champ since the famous & much-debated race of 2016.

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The one thing you learn over and over is that no one really knows what they’re doing. The person opposite you doesn’t know what happens tomorrow or why the planets aligned today for you to be together at that moment in time about whatever shit you’re talking about.

So trust yourself, and talk about the shit that’s important to you.


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