My name is
Mick Valentine Celliers

I’m an 8-year adman and 28-year-old pirate.
I love people and the way people think. I love free-thinkers and how free ideas can take us to new places.

London-born, I escaped to South Africa to learn my trade, test my hand and shake my asthma.

After picking up a few scars, friends, experiences and an accent, I returned 4ish years ago to tune myself to the tone and timbre of the UK ad industry.

An award-winning member of the internet, I’ve turned facebook purple, launched motorcycles three stories high, used your favourite beer as currency for coin-operated pool tables, decreased crime through good hygiene, shared bushidō values with rugby fanatics, and practised ‘ad-ception’ for the world’s biggest tech company.

I’ve been presented with a host of challenges, explored a unique way in (always) and delivered a simple or fun solution (sometimes) that’s captured people’s attention for (little) more than a moment.

When not at my desk during the week, I’m found in dive-bars listening to bourbon-drunk bands, sitting square-eyed in front of the weekend’s football, spending my AM jogging around my block, my PM attempting to outwit Instagram’s AI, and occasionally penny-counting my way across the world to lounge on beaches, buzz through forests on bikes and listen to stories that don’t end with a CTA from people with a dog-faced filter to buy a hand cream I don’t need.

Proud creator of Twitter’s kak-talking South African bot, @BoetBot, blabber at VCCP, and undefeated go-karting champ since the famous & much-debated race of 2016.

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Buy me a beer, don’t make it weird

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The reciprocity principle In psychology, there's a thing called the reciprocity principle. It looks at relationships and speaks to the human tendency to want to give something back when something...

Brands aren’t about love, they’re about ease

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Tom Roach, Strategy Director & Partner at BBH London tweeted last week: There’s nothing like shopping in a foreign supermarket to remind you why brands matter. It takes ages, you…

We often hear about ‘bravery’ in advertising
But we needn’t always be ‘brave’, just don’t be vanilla

Copy-paste attitudes & complete-waste slides
Try to find out why before you shortcut to what

Facebook likes, Tinder swipes & trend graph spikes
signal feelings
not actions

Feeling people’s narcissism, psychoticism, fears & vulnerability

and empathizing with these
reflecting a little truth
mixed with a little magic
produce the most visceral connections

Not only work
but everything


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